Internet Resources

Internet Resources

 Q. What are some electronic resources on the internet related to depression?
This list is a shortened version of one compiled and maintained by Sylvia Caras. It is posted periodically to ThisIsCrazy-L (see below for subscription information) If you would like to suggest additions for this list, contact To suggest additions to this list for the FAQ, send them to

News groups: sci.psychology

Internet Health Resources is an extensive listing of medical resources available over the internet. cd pub/hmatrix get file medlst03.txt or

An FTP site at Temple University containing articles related to depression ftp cd/pub/psych

ThisIsCrazy is an electronic action and information letter for people who experience moods swings, fright, voices, and visions (People Who). To subscribe, send a message to with this command in the body of the message: subscribe ThisIsCrazy-L

Pendulum is a mailing list for people diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder (manic depression) and related disorders and their supporters, and some professionals.To subscribe to pendulum, send a message to containing the line subscribe pendulum.

Walkers-in-Darkness is a list for people diagnosed with various depressive disorders (unipolar, atypical, and bipolar depression, S.A.D., related disorders).The list also includes sufferers of panic attacks and Borderline Personality Disorder. Please, no researchers trying to study us, etc. (Postings are copyrighted by individual posters.)
To subscribe to walkers or walkers-digest, send a message to containing the line “subscribe walkers” or, for the digest, “subscribe walkers-digest”. There is an anonymous FTP site at in ~/pub/walkers, that includes a technical FAQ.

To subscribe to the Mailbase list psychiatry send the command SUBSCRIBE psychiatry to

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) provides “a detailed booklet [about depression and bipolar disorder] that describes symptoms, causes, and treatments, with information on getting help and coping” online in both English and Spanish.